Jezuitski trg autori
Viktor Kovačić i Hugo Erlich 

Stone Gate (Immovable individually protected cultural property), Jesuit Church of St. Catherine (Immovable individually protected cultural property) and the Church of Sant Cyril and Methodius, Greek Catholic Seminary (Immovable individually protected cultural property), Strossmayer promenade, Zakmardi stairs.

The tour begins with the Stone Gate, the historical entrance to Gradec, whose chapel is still a place of expressed sacred symbolism today. Anthological examples of sacred architecture such as the Jesuit Church of St. Catherine from the Baroque period and the Greek Catholic Church of Sant Cyril and Methodius from the period of Historicism will be viewed. The significant influence of the 19th-century shaping is visible in this church, which was built in 1681 for novices of the seminary and Greek Catholic believers, mostly people from Žumberak, Uskok and clerics who lived in Zagreb and its surroundings. However, a fire in 1766 destroyed most of the church books that could accurately date how long the Greek Catholic Church has existed in the Upper Town. The current church was built during the time of Bishop Ilija Hranilović in 1886, when a new one, dedicated to Saint Cyril and Methodius was established on the site of the former church of St. Basil (1831). The influence of new spatial ideas from the beginning of the 20th century and, the shaping of public urban spaces will also be explored through a tour of Jesuit Square, whose authors were prominent Croatian modern architects Viktor Kovačić and Hugo Ehrlich, whose project of Zakmardi stairs will be the last stop of the tour.