Milke Trnine 38, Zagreb 

The Croatian Museum of Architecture of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts has become richer of a large collection of architectural drawings and other artifacts related to architecture and art, as well as the space of the atelier that academician Andrija Mutnjaković donated to the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the spring of 2022. Through the donated atelier and legacy, his uniqueness and vision are ready – to give, offer, and ensure that everything that can be permanently available to future generations and open the way to understanding others and their differences. It was especially important in a time that is not always inclined to recognize and accept different ideas, especially those that are often ahead of the time in which they arise. On the occasion of marking the Decision on the establishment of the Croatian Museum of Architecture in December 1991, the public was given the opportunity to visit the Atelier of Andrija Mutnjaković. The atelier and all movables are a special whole of the fundus of the Croatian Museum of Architecture and contain movables and valuable material – drawings and models of architectural projects, exhaustive archival documentation, a rich professional library and a series of artistic and design objects that together with the uniquely decorated space create an experience of the synthesis of all arts. Academician Mutnjaković in this atelier for years created a corpus and built his own thoughts whose traces are remembered and presented by the space in which at every step reveals accumulated knowledge, woven dreams and remembered history of modernity in Croatia and the world.